Sunday, November 22, 2009


Noticed I missed a month did ya? Well here's some oral entertainment to say I'm sorry; okee??

Ya da da da yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa da ya da da -dda da!!!

Calm Down

Oops... really didn't mean to squish the bitch. Her fault for standing where she shouldn't be. But seriously. So I may owe her family a little money? How much she worth anyways? Ninety nine cents? Maybe a quart a spoiled milk?

Goodness once there was a sale on choco choco milk at the corner store. Ninety nine cents each. Underneath there was a sign "Limit of Six."

So I just went back seven more times. What? Like that slut evaa limited herself to six. Maybe two at once! Maybe one was someone else's quart ya never know.

Bitch. I don't regret it. Sides I was in a hurry I needed my nightly smoke. Odd thing though; when I swung that door open and saw the aweful red painting I made of her on the showing window, my first thought was not to run. Instead the first thing in my head was fresh tobacco for my pipe.


Must get home to my Cream Puff, NOW.