Thursday, May 21, 2009

Prelude to a New Setting

And slowly it began to soak up all of the spills on the counter. It began to soak up all of the raspberry juice until the mess was gone. There was a faint smooch of a raspberry mark left by the watered-down juice. But, the sponge had retained most of the drink. By letting go, it squeezed out all of the raspberry juice into the sink where it fell far into the drain. Many cleaners had de-filthed the drain before. Many liquids had poured into that hole. But, every time it was a juice... of sorts. Each time a different flavour. The counter began to look hazy and confuzed. It had been dying with different colours over the years; all overlapping to make brown stain marks. The original skin of the counter top was still bare, and never regaining thier full colour. The counter's original colour was too strong,howeer, noone could see what that colour was really. The songe felt empty again and waited for another accident; another squeeze. For someone to cry over a bloody mess! But before long the sponge noticed that the house was empty. Bareness. Though no cloth, no mop, no licked finger or bare ass had caressed itself over any part of the splintered and battered apartment, it was bare. The very dirty counter remined there with the spnge. Mould began to grow in the seams of the counter as a product of the moisture between the counter

and the sponge...

Meanwhile a pale, sandy coloured, and unmoving spinger dangled overhead. Crispy and crimped.

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