Sunday, May 23, 2010

Onto the Stage and Into Your Lap

Hello my dahlings and demons. My last show just last night was something new a conjured up. Inspired by "Wuthering Heights" by Kate Bush, and covered by The Puppini Sisters, I did my own inturpretation. I dressed up like an owl and came in through the window.

Hear, have a listen:

So I let someone take a few snap shots and here they are! Thought the only way to fight Pea's uprising was to really add some flash for audience; I really am talking about the costume candy.

I can't wait to get more comfortable, curl up on the couch with my rum n' coke and smoke a cigar. Oh this moring I was out by the bus on my way to work. I heard a nearby Minnonite Church singing. It was kinda jazzy not the kinda Church singing that makes your jaw lock.

The point is you can shape me like a pretzel if you feed me doughnuts. I mean, I keep my shape but the only encouragement I need is a box of those glazed beakens of circular tasteyness.

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